Here is a brief breakdown of some of the services offered. For prices please contact Dan via email at or by phone at 817.996.9208.

Events and Parties


Nothing beats a good old fashioned pen and paper caricature. The set up is very simple, one easel and three chairs. Your guest will sit for a relatively short period time (Dan averages around 15-20 people an hour) and at the end they will receive a piece of paper with their caricature on it. These are usually done in black and white. If requested humorous bodies can be added to the drawings (just remember this will take longer). Dan can also add color for an additional fee.



With the advancement of technology, caricatures can be made digitally right before your eyes. Dan will draw your guest on a tablet (specifically the Surface Pro) while your guest watch via a 32” television. At the end of each caricature a 4×6” color photo will be printed for them to keep.  Add a footer or logo at the bottom and they’ll always remember where they got it. The drawing speed is about 6-10 people per hour.





Need a unique gift for someone special, a wedding, family or even a pet caricature?  Send Dan photos of the people you want drawn and get a quality traditional or digital caricature. All traditional caricatures will be done on 12″x16” paper (unless requested otherwise) and can be done in black and white or color (colored pencil or airbrushed).

Digitarachel_pablol caricatures can be done in black and white or color and emailed directly to you. These illustrations will be done at 11″x14″ and 300 dpi unless another size is requested. The great part about getting your caricature done digitally is that you can put it everywhere. People have used digital caricatures for invitations, wedding announcements, t-shirts and much more.

 Note: When sending photos please send ones that have a clear view of the face. If the faces are cut off or have something obstructing them (a hand, hat, etc.) it is very hard for me to get a grasp of their likeness. Also, the more photos you send the better!